Microbial Genomics and Analytical Laboratory

To request MGAL services, please submit a Sample Submission Form.

Completed Sample Submission Forms will be accepted via campus mail, email (, and in-person.

Service Policies:

Users must submit a completed Sample Submission Form before service request will be processed.​
Users/PIs must have a current MGAL User Agreement on file before services will be rendered.​
MGAL services are fee-based. See our rates list for more information.​

Sample Submission Guidelines

Sample Delivery:

Users must submit a completed sample submission form (see above).
Samples may be delivered in-person to MGAL (please contact us to arrange dropoff).
If you do not have access to the second floor of LSB, please arrange to meet with an MGAL technician for pickup.
If samples are to be delivered by mail, please contact us for more information.
As a reminder, the university requires a completed BSP2 form and ORC 103 training to transport biological samples.

Sample Information:

BSL-1 and BSL-2 samples are accepted at this time.
Samples for extraction should be placed into homogenization tubes filled with the proper lysing matrix (lysis buffer can be provided).
Users are subject to extra fees if sample transfer is required (see our rates list).
A minimum of 10 µL (≥ 3 ng/µL) of pre-extracted DNA is suggested for library preparation.
If samples are to be delivered by mail, please contact us for more information.
If less than 3 ng/µL is provided, the user may be subject to additional fees and services if troubleshooting is necessary.
MGAL accepts DNA eluted into the following: TE, water, or extraction kit elution buffers.


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