Microbial Genomics and Analytical Laboratory

Available Instruments and Rates

InstrumentUniversity of Hawaii UsersNon-UH Academic & Non-Profit UsersPrivate & Commercial Users
FastPrep-96 Homogenizer
Gel Imager
Multiskan SkyHigh Microplate Spectrophotometer
Qubit 4 Fluorometer
$25.00 per hour$31.25 per hour$37.50 per hour
Biosafety Cabinet
Centrifuge (Eppendorf 5810R)
Centrifuge (Sorvall Legend Mach 1.6R)
SimpliAmp Thermal Cycler
QuantStudio 3 (qPCR)
$15.00 per hour$18.75 per hour$22.50 per hour
Incubating shaker$1.00 per hour$1.25 per hour$1.50 per hour
Lyophilizer*$1.25 per hour$1.50 per hour$1.87 per hour
KingFisher Flex*$35.00 per hour$43.75 per hour$52.50 per hour
*Requires technician time for set-up, billed at regular rate.
For unlisted instrument inquiries, send us an email at
Instrument reservations are available Monday to Thursday from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
All instrument usage must be completed no later than 4:15 PM.
Email us at for usage requests outside of these standard operating hours.
If you would like to submit a reservation request, please do so by filling out the
Instrument Reservation Form

Instrument reservation requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Please review the reservation calendar (below) to ensure the desired instrument is available for use. The reservation calendar is updated every workday morning.

Instrument User Policies:

All users must complete a mandatory training for instrument usage.
MGAL staff must be present during instrument operation.
Users must submit an instrument reservation request for instrument usage at least 1 day prior.
Users must follow all MGAL policies when operating the instrument.
Users must wear proper PPE and have current certificiations to work in a BSL2/CSL2 lab.
Violations of MGAL policies may result in a temporary loss of access to the MGAL core facility.
Users will be charged an additional $20 fee if equipment is not properly cleaned and/or disinfected after use.
Users/PIs must have a current MGAL User Agreement on file before services will be rendered.
Use of of MGAL instruments is fee-based. See our instrument rates (above) for more information.

MGAL Instrument Reservation Calendar

MGAL is closed for all state holidays and university-wide closures.