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InSTAR Rates

To utilize InSTAR services or equipment, all users/PIs must have a current InSTAR User Agreement on file.
To request technician services, please submit an InSTAR Service Form.

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See the InSTAR Equipment page for more information on our equipment rentals.
Service/Equipment RentalUniversity of Hawaii UsersNon-UH Academic & Non-Profit UsersPrivate & Commercial Users
** bioBUBBLE Rental$75.00/day$93.75/day$112.50/day
* Insect Purchase –

Aedes albopictus
$5.00/egg batch (~100 eggs)
$6.25/egg batch (~100 eggs)
$7.50/egg batch (~100 eggs)
* Insect Purchase –

Culex quinquefasciatus
$5.00/egg raft
$6.25/egg raft
$7.50/egg raft
* Insect Purchase –

Toxorhynchites amboinensis
* Insect Purchase –

Drosophila silvestris or Drosophila grimshawi
$150/vial of eggs & larvae (~50)
$187.50/vial of eggs & larvae (~50)
$225.00/vial of eggs & larvae (~50)
Insect Colony MaintenanceContact for a quoteContact for a quoteContact for a quote
Biosafety Cabinet$5.00/hour$6.25/hour$7.50/hour
Laminar Flow Hood$5.00/hour$6.25/hour$7.50/hour
Glove Box$5.00/hour$6.25/hour$7.50/hour
Stereo Microscope$1.50/hour
$3.00/hour (w/Camera)
$3.75/hour (w/Camera)
$4.50/hour (w/Camera)
Compound Microscope
Forced Air Oven$0.50/hour$0.60/hour$0.75/hour
Insect Monitoring System –
Insect Monitoring System –
Incubator (I-41VL)$5.00/day$6.25/day$7.50/day
Incubator (DR-36VL)$4.00/day$5.00/day$6.00/day
Incubator (I-30VL)$3.00/day$3.75/day$4.50/day
Insect Housing Unit Rental
(For Incubator Use)
$5.00/item (includes cleaning)$6.25/item (includes cleaning)$7.50/item (includes cleaning)
10% Sucrose
(Mosquito Adult Food)
Hawaiian Drosophila Adult Food$0.45/vial$0.55/vial$0.65/vial
Hawaiian Drosophila Larval Food$0.10/mL$0.15/mL$0.20/mL
Various Insectary ConsumablesContact for more information and availabilityContact for more information and availabilityContact for more information and availability
Technician Services$42.00/hour$52.50/hour$63.00/hour
** Additional training fees may apply to bioBUBBLE/equipment rental
* Insects are currently not available for shipping out of Hawaii.
Rates subject to change (rates effective 06/30/2022)


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