Microbial Genomics and Analytical Laboratory

  • Core Leader: Philip Williams
  • Core Scientific Director: Joanne Yew
  • Laboratory Supervisor/Technician: Nicole Yoneishi
  • Laboratory Supervisor/Technician: Kirsten Nakayama
Build a dedicated, centralized facility to provide laboratory infrastructure and services to support COBRE ICEMHH project
– To support the research aims of individual COBRE ICEMHH labs
– To expand and promote research on the microbial diversity found in native Hawaiian fauna and ecosystems
– High-throughput genomic library preparation from environmental samples
– Natural product and small molecule analysis
– Culturing and storage of microbial strains
– Integration with C-MĀIKI bioinformatic pipeline, data sharing, and storage
Microbial Genomics
– Nucleic acid extraction
– Amplicon generation (16S/ITS/Custom)
– Library preparation
– Pre-sequencing quality control

Small Molecule Analysis
– DART MS small molecule analysis
– GCMS analysis
– Thin layer chromatography
– Fatty acid quantitation
– Amino acid quantitation
– Lipid extraction from biological samples
Analytical Lab
– Ambient ionization mass spectrometer
– Gas chromatography mass spectrometer
– Nitrogen evaporator

– Gel imager
– Kingfisher Flex (automated nucleic acid purification unit)
– Lyophilizer
– Nanodrop
– Plate reader
– Sample homogenizer
– Thermal cyclers
– qPCR machines
– Qubit

General Use
– Autoclave
– Biosafety cabinets
– Centrifuges
– Cold storage (4°C, -20°C, -80°C)
– Incubator
– Shaker