Insectary for Scientific Training and Advances in Research

  • Core Leader: Patricia Couvillon
  • Core Scientific Director: Matthew Medeiros
  • Laboratory Supervisor/Technician: Nicole Yoneishi
Build a world-class insect rearing facility for Hawai’i and beyond
– Create the necessary infrastructure needed to develop proper insect-rearing conditions
– Promote research on insect microbiotas by providing core services and training
– Advance research in medical entomology at UH Mānoa
– Collaborative lab and rearing space
– Insect-rearing services by maintaining a stable stock-supply
– Insect containment using a BioBUBBLE for modification, storage, rearing, and manipulation of select species
– Training, staff-assistance, and management services
– BioBUBBLE for ACL2+ containment
– Biosafety cabinet
– CO2 cell culture incubators
– Cold storage (4°C, -20°C)
– Environmental chambers